Charge your Electric Vehicle Here!

July 1, 2023– Silver Thread has Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations! We recently installed four J1772 plugs.* Charging is free for our customers during regular winery hours. You will need to download the EVoke app on your smartphone to access the chargers.

Did you know? Our winery runs on solar energy, so your charging session will use electricity from our solar panels for a zero-emissions charge. Our winery has operated using 100% solar power since 2015, and we generate more electricity than we use. You can check out our annual Solar Energy Report Card to learn more about renewable energy at Silver Thread.

*In North America, all-electric vehicles use the J1772 plug for Level 1 and 2 charging, except Tesla, which has its own plug. The J1772 has been adopted by the Society of Automotive Engineers as the standard plug for Level 2 AC charging. While significantly faster than Level 1, J1772 are not as fast as DC fast charging connectors. Tesla drivers can use an adapter to access the J1772 plug.

Parking area for Electric Vehicles


Charging tower Solar Panels