Our Wines

Silver Thread creates expressive, age-worthy wines in harmony with nature.  Using grapes from our well-established estate vineyard and from select grower-partners, our wines tell the story of the Finger Lakes.

Winemaking Philosophy

Picking Grapes

Silver Thread wines reflect their vineyard origins.  Wine is the vineyard’s memory of a vintage, which varies year to year based on the weather.  Our approach is grapes first, healthy fermentation second and nothing after, to best allow the vineyard to speak through the wine.

Our wine is made first and foremost in the vineyard.  Control over the style of the wine is best achieved by practices during the growing season, picking date, and sorting of grapes during harvest.  We don’t believe in adjusting the fruit after harvest—levels of sugar, acid and tannin are always natural and unadulterated.

Silver Thread wines are pure and skillfully made in small batches.  Each batch gets the same handcrafted attention to detail. Most of our finished wines are blends of multiple fermentations to increase complexity and allow the vineyard to express itself in myriad ways.  Winemaking techniques include the use of neutral barrels and stainless steel tanks, malolactic fermentation, skin contact, whole-cluster pressing, native and non-saccharomyces yeast, and lees aging.

After fermentation, wines are minimally filtered to ensure stability.  Any residual sweetness is achieved naturally by arrested fermentations.  Barrel aging (when used) occurs in old barrels so that oak flavors are minimal and vineyard characteristics are not lost.


Line up of wines in the library.

Most of our wines are intended to be enjoyed either young or old. We start with impeccable fruit, ensure a healthy fermentation, and bottle our wine with minimal oxygen exposure and a reliable closure. You can be confident that Silver Thread wines will impress for at least 5-8 years after the vintage date, and some exceptional wines for even longer.

Winery Sustainability

Chickens near our solar panels.

We generate 100% of the energy used in wine production on-site with solar panels. No animal products are used at any stage in the winemaking process, so our wines are vegan. Sulfites are added at the lowest level possible while ensuring long-term stability of the wines. Natural cork, a renewable resource, and lightweight glass bottles are used to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging.

Winemaking Team

Paul and Bruce

Owner-winegrower Paul Brock and Assistant Winegrower Bruce Stebbins believe the best wines are made in the vineyard. That’s why they tend the vines and make the wine. Whether pruning vines, thinning clusters or hand-harvesting fruit, they are making decisions that directly impact the quality of our wines. This holistic view of the process makes all the difference.

Current Releases

Bottle line up

Ultimately, the best wine is the wine you like best. We sincerely hope you’ll enjoy exploring our unique expression of Finger Lakes terroir. Visit our on-line wine shop for a listing and descriptions of currently-available wines. Our For the Trade page has detailed descriptions of past vintages.