2022 Solar Energy Report Card

April 10, 2023– It’s time for our annual update on the Silver Thread solar installation! 2022 was the 7th year we relied on solar energy to power our wine production and sales operation. For the seventh straight year, we generated more energy than we used. 14 percent more, to be exact. Over the past seven years, we’ve generated an average of 24 percent more electricity than we use.

This year, we will be installing electric vehicle charging stations for winery visitors to use. EV motorists will be using electricity directly from our solar panels! Look for an announcement about the charging stations later this spring.

Some people are surprised to see the prevalence of solar panels in New York due to our often cloudy weather and short winter days. However, our system is proof that solar is a viable option for homeowners and businesses.

We’re excited to be part of the renewable energy transformation happening across New York State and the world. Together with our use of lightweight, recyclable packaging and no-till farming, our solar energy program helps minimize our carbon footprint. We hope our efforts inspire you to reduce your carbon footprint.

You can read more about our sustainability efforts here.