Winemaker Reflects on a Fabulous Fall

December 15, 2011–As the Winter Solstice Approaches and we look forward to increasing daylight, I want to reflect on those days that were numbered and past.

This autumn was exciting for the winemaking team here at Silver Thread Vineyard.  Let’s be clear on who the winemaking team was: it was me.  Well, that is not entirely true.  Without guest appearances by Ian Barry, Shannon Brock, Ian’s dad, Shannon’s dad (Dave Smith) and Bonnie Christo I would not have been able to make and safely store away nearly 1500 cases of what will become 2011 STV wine.  Did I fail to mention all of the other businesses that chipped in?  Doyle Vineyard Management, White Springs Winery, Fulkerson Juice Plant, Atwater Vineyards, Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars and Hosmer Winery all contributed to help me get the grapes into the tank.  I am extremely grateful to have been able to do business with all of these people.  It takes a lot more behind the scenes work than I ever imagined to make a plan (and the backup to the backup plan) come together!

“What about the wines Paul?” 

My response:  They are great! 

I always think that harvest and the time immediately following is like a roller coaster.  I have gone through these stages each year I have been in the industry.  First, there is sheer elation over the coming harvest and the quality.  Next, you are in the thick of it, reacting as well as you can to the ever changing weather and grape conditions, excited about the potential quality of the wines the grapes will make.  Then, you actually have fermentations, an ever changing proposition that you must do correctly or face the consequences for the life of that wine.  If you get as far as the next step with most of the first three going as planned, you should be in good shape. Your wines have arrived.

That is where I am writing this from.  A cellar full of wines that have just stepped off the proverbial station and been delivered.  As I look to the future I maintain my excitement as I have captured that quality that was merely potential just weeks ago.  Now I start the next phase of the journey with more time and a smaller team to work with: Getting the wines ready to bottle.  We will be bottling the whites in March for delivery to you!