Wine Spectator – Silver Thread Riesling Finger Lakes Dry 2014

Keeping Cool, 3/31/16

Other top dry Rieslings in this report include… the Silver Thread Riesling Finger Lakes Dry 2014 (89, $18), which is ripe, fresh and piercing…

Quote from Shannon Brock of Silver Thread regarding the 2014 vintage: “We began harvest with Pinot Noir on Sept. 19 and finished with Riesling and Cabernet Franc the last week of October. In general, everything was harvested a week or two later than average for the regionTemperatures were below average for most of the growing season, especially in August, and rainfall was above average, especially during July. But the weather in September was very dry, sunny and warm, which helped tremendously in keeping disease pressure low while ripening the grapes. October was also relatively warm and sunny, so we had the luxury of waiting to harvest until late in the month. The sugars were relatively high and the acids are up a bit compared to the past few years, which has led to some very racy, mouthwatering wines.”

James Molesworth Wine Spectator