Wine Haiku

You are all quite poetic!

In honor of April being National Poetry Month, we challenged the participants in our Virtual Tasting Series to write a haiku related to wine.  The response was pretty amazing– full of clever, beautifully-worded poems that had 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second, and 5 in the third.  Enjoy!


I sip from my glass
Luscious gewurztraminer
And now I want more
–Jordan Drachman


Terroir yields balance

Fruity floral and complex

Fermented virtue

–Mary Spencer-Huber


Growing activates

Fermenting initiates

Aging elevates

–Jason Huber


Pour, Shannon and Paul
Silver Thread Silver lining
It’s Friday again

–Kathleen Yanity


Still stuck in my house
I pour Silver Thread Chard
Now I can relax

–Jerry Yanity


The bottle uncorks

A glass swirls, the wine blossoms

Year’s magic captured

–Wendy Battisti


Symphony of grapes

Orchestrated by the wine

Music in my glass

–Wendy Battisti


Captured by a grape

The sunshine, the stars, the earth

Taste the memories

–Wendy Battisti


Red wine, I prefer
The red grape is amazing
Dry Rose drinks well

–Mike Frederick


golden light filters

aroma of celery

cascading freely

–Amy Wilson Miller


Finger Lakes in spring

A gift from glaciers greening

Old vines thread anew

–Mark Yoder



Often fresh and wonderful

Sometimes tastes like soap

–Zelda Yoder


Choose one, white or red
Just open a bottle now
A fine Silver Thread

-Alistair Jones


Luscious deep red wine,

Ripe red raspberries on tongue,

Now another sip!

–Bob Freed


Golden grapes ripen
Jewels shimmer in the sun
Silver Thread Vineyard.
—-Steve Valerio

Cold dewy mornings
Hustle though the daylight wanes
Harvest has begun.
–Steve Valerio


Grape vines hanging low
Berries bursting, picked at peak.
Worthy of your wine.
–Pat O’Leary

Sipping golden wine
Stony hint, fruit taste lingers,
Silver Thread Reisling.
–Pat O’Leary


Kids do school at home.

Mom learns to do math again.

Please send more Riesling.

-Candy LaBar


My glass is half full:
Riesling, Gewurztraminer,
Blackbird, Pinot Noir
–Janet Egbert


Stuck inside all day

It is driving us insane

That’s why we drink wine

–Grace and Mike Stever


I taste notes of peach

your cheeks are already flushed

will I get lucky

–John Nyquist


what cork should I pop

dry 16 or sweet 16

riesling dilemma

–John Nyquist


Silver threads spread out,

Dew drops from a spider’s web.

Glass receives Good Earth.

–Dianne and Michael Peich


Summer solstice bliss–

Quaffing Riesling past twilight.

Morning sun! So soon?

–Larry Felton


Summer solstice rave:

Pounding Riesling past midnight.

Morning? What a drag!

–Larry Felton


Wine flows freely if

Silver Thread is on the list

Drink up   Can’t resist

–Bob Andrews


When we sip your wine
It’s the high point of our day
Thank you Silver Thread
–Russ and Mindy Fehrman


Silver Thread is Great

Love the Happy Hour Days

Fine Wine at the Lake

–Laura Grguras


Wine, wine, wine, wine, wine!

Wine, wine, wine, wine, wine, wine, wine!

Did I mention wine??

–Kris Martin


Lake breeze stirs feathers
Vineyard down the gravel path
Grapes wait in the sun

–John Creek


Like a good neighbor

With some delectable wines

Silver Thread is there

–Amy Martin


bottled liquid joy

a time capsule robed in glass

science art and luck

–Stephen Jamail


Nectar of the Gods

Memory of time and place

Caught in a wine glass

–Kelly Barrett Gibson


Spicy sips of joy

Half-full glasses reflect smiles


–Doug Weaver


The pop of a cork
My cheers to Shannon and Paul
Brightening our day

–Joyce Restaino


Down the vineyard row
A walk on a summer day
Bees buzz on the vine
–Frank Restaino

The pop of a cork
With friends we share a bottle
Of Silver Thread wine

–Frank Restaino


Riesling Chardonnay

Rosé Gewürztraminer

It’s better with friends

–Cassy Pikarsky


Every cork we pull

is a magic carpet ride

to a different world

–Caroline Crawford


the wine in my glass

is a chance to consider

the gifts of summer

–Brian MacDonald


chardonnay you say

quarantine drinking all day

quaffing with dear friends

–Andy Miller


Grapes, sun, soil, water
Then some Winemaker magic
Cheers to Chardonnay!

–Leigh Anderson Cooke


We are far away

While we taste our Chardonnay

In place we must stay

–Lisa Temple



Vinifera buzz.

Fragility on the vine.

Expression of art.

–Coleman Hemsath


Genie in a glass;

Take my taste buds on a ride;

Swirl, savor, repeat

–Katie Armold


Since we all can’t be,

At silver thread winery,

we taste wine online

–Michael Reitz


Silver thread makes this

quarantine bearable for

all of us at home

–Kait Reitz


Ah, what a great nose!

Let me take a little sip…

and then another.

–Nelly Freed


Vines, grapes, sunshine, juice

Riesling, Cab franc, Chardonnay

Finger Lakes treasures

-Jane Stobie


Isolation sucks

But now is the time for fun


–Jeff Moulton


grapes picked, stomped
aged in wooden barrels
poured, sipping now

–Roni De Jong




As the wine is poured

Its gentle bouquet releases

And arouses senses

–Bill Stobie


Elegant Red Wines

Aromatic White Wines Too

Sip Silver Thread Wines

–Chad Dikun

The end of the day
Our quaren-time together
With your grape divine

–Shaari Horowitz



Gladdening the heart
Be it red, white or rosé
Or thread of silver

–Carl Gibson


Chardonnay! So crisp!

Who can make my taste buds sing?

Silver Thread, of course

–Peggy McHugh


Nectar of the grape

Vines reaching to sunlit skies

Liquid gold divine

–Kristin Holland


Grapes from  Silver Thread

Bring delight both white and red

Cheers to all be well

–Sue Cringoli


Grapes hide under leaves

Storing secrets of the year

To whisper in a glass

–Gib Battisti


Taste the memories

Of the sun, the clouds, the earth

Swirling in my glass

–Gib Battisti