Is Wine Club Membership right for you? Take our quiz to find out!

Phenology: the Wine Club at Silver Thread is a fast-growing community of our most loyal fans.  Some members are what we call “serial club members”–they love wine clubs and have several memberships at different wineries.  Others have never been in a club before, but have a special place in their heart for Silver Thread.  No matter your situation, we probably have a membership option that will suit your needs.  Our next shipment is coming up in December, so we’ve designed this quiz to help you decide if membership is right for you.

1.) Do you enjoy all or nearly all of the wines produced at Silver Thread?  Or at least all of the Riesling wines produced at Silver Thread?

We have several options for how much wine you get and how often you receive it.  However, club wines are pre-selected by the winery, so members need to have an open-minded palate.  Club membership works best for those that like our entire portfolio.

2.) Do you live in a state that allows direct wine shipments from NY?

At this point, the list of states that don’t allow direct shipping of wine is pretty small: AL, AR, DE, KY, MS, OK, RI, UT.  Also, we don’t ship to Alaska and Hawaii, or internationally.  We use a third-party compliance company for shipments to TN and VT.  If you live in one of those two states, please call us to set up your membership.

3.) Do you want to enjoy Silver Thread wine on a regular basis without running out?

Depending on the option you choose, club shipments come two or four times per year.  This ensures that your wine rack is always stocked with Silver Thread bottles, even if you don’t make it to the winery very often.

4.) Do you want to get up close and personal with your wine–getting to know the stories behind the people and places involved in its production?

Club shipments include a letter from the winemakers that give an inside look at our winemaking philosophy and developments in the vineyard and cellar.  Winemaker notes help you get the most out of each bottle and pair it perfectly with a meal.  Four club-member events are spaced throughout the year give you the chance to meet the winemakers and taste special bottlings.

5.) Do you cellar wine, or want to learn how and when to cellar wine for later enjoyment?

We make nearly all of our wines with an eye toward ageability.  Club members receive guidance on how long to age bottles, and library bottles (those that have been aged 3-5 years at the winery) are often included in club shipments.  Exclusive library selection wines are made available for purchase to club members at least once each year.

6.) Do you want to make sure you get limited-production wines like Dry Rose and single-vineyard Rieslings before they sell out?

Club members always get at least one bottle of limited-production wines as soon as they are released.  This way, they never miss out on their favorite wines.

7.) Are you price-conscious, at least about your wine budget?

Phenology Club members receive a 20% discount on club selection wines, the most generous discount we offer.  Members are billed the same low price for each shipment, a price that includes wine, tax and shipping fees.  You will never be surprised when you check your credit card bill!  In addition, club members receive 15% off any wines purchased in addition to the club selections, and complimentary tastings whenever they visit the winery.



If you answered “yes” to four or more of the questions above, Phenology Club membership may be right for you!  Please proceed to the Phenology Club page for more information on membership options, and to join our club!