Wine & Chocolate: a match made in NY

Which is a more popular wine pairing: cheese or chocolate? Perhaps the more important question is which pairing is YOUR favorite? Because here at Silver Thread, we offer both!

Every year we partner with two local cheesemakers – Lively Run and Muranda – to determine how to best pair their cheeses with our wines. We also work with Hedonist Artisan Chocolates in Rochester to come up with the the best wine and chocolate pairing we can!

Since we work to make wines that accurately represent whatever the year brings, the wines can be vastly different from one vintage to the next. This variation can be clearly seen in 2020 versus 2021! With that in mind, we shipped the chocolatiers at Hedonist samples of the wines we wanted to include on the tasting menu, and after a month or so of trials, they shipped us back two options for each wine. And what a great time we had choosing!

Ultimately, we wanted to offer guests a variety of chocolates that we also felt would be delicious on their own. So not only can you enjoy our Wine & Chocolate pairing as part of the Premium Tasting Menu, you can also purchase the chocolate in bark form!