The Fizz #64: Silver Thread Winery co-owner Shannon Brock is focusing on bio-intensive farming in the Finger Lakes

In this issue, Shannon Brock and I speak about biological products to help keep their Finger Lakes vineyards healthy, how the region has changed, and where she finds her joy.

by: Margot Mazur

For the 64th issue of The Fizz, I spoke with Shannon Brock, co-owner and manager of Silver Thread Winery in The Finger Lakes. I had the pleasure of visiting Silver Thread when I was in the region a few months ago, and was excited by the dedication of their vineyard program and the passion of the winemaker and owners.

In this issue, Shannon and I speak about what bio-intensive viticulture means to Silver Thread, which products her and her husband, winemaker Paul Brock, use in the vineyards, and how they navigate the Finger Lakes—a tight-knit region with a lot of influence from nearby Cornell University. We speak about their vineyard location, how the region has changed, and Riesling in the global context of wines.


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