STV Sustainability Article from Ithaca Week

NY Wine Country Embracing Sustainability

September 27, 2021–Silver Thread was featured in the Ithaca College Student Newspaper as a leader in sustainable vineyard and winemaking practices. Read the full article here.

In the Finger Lakes, the largest wine-producing region in New York, vineyards are not immune to the effects of climate change on farming practices or the push for businesses to practice sustainability.

Silver Thread Vineyard, one of the oldest grape-growing sites on Seneca Lake, has created an environmentally sustainable, ethical business, according to Colin Marker, the coordinator of marketing, hospitality, and the tasting room at Silver Thread.

“Ultimately, our goal here on this property is to create as healthy of an environment in the field as possible,” says Marker.

By practicing sustainability through alternative energy, limiting waste streams, and eco-friendly farming and harvesting, Silver Thread exemplifies a variety of ways vineyards can work to reduce their carbon footprint.

“I’m always trying to learn about more too and figure out the best practices,” says co-owner Paul Brock. “The regenerative agriculture movement and figuring out how that fits in with our biological approaches and learning from farmers in other industries.”

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