Silver Thread Unveils New Package Design

Labels feature local bird feathers and the iconic turtle


Beginning with the 2019 vintage, our wine bottles have a new, modern look.  The labels are meant to convey the natural way we grow our grapes and make our wine.  The new design stays true to the history of Silver Thread by preserving the classic Native American turtle petroglyph in the upper right corner. 

Each label features a photo of a feather from a bird that we have observed on the vineyard property.  Some feathers were found on the ground at our vineyard. We also borrowed local bird feathers from the collection of the Conservation Department at Finger Lakes Community College.

In addition, the bottles no longer have a capsule to cover the cork.  Eliminating this purely decorative aspect reduces the environmental impact of our packaging.  Silver Thread continues to use lightweight “eco glass” bottles, which are 30% lighter than industry average.

Here is a key to the bird feather on each label:

Pinot Noir–Turkey

Good Earth Cabernet Franc–Roughed Grouse

Dry Rose of Pinot Noir– juvenile Red Tail Hawk

Good  Earth White–Cooper’s Hawk

Dry Riesling–Bald Eagle

Riesling Semi-dry–Northern Flicker (eastern)

Gewurztraminer–Mourning Dove

Blackbird–Pileated Woodpecker

Riesling Estate Vineyard–Yellow Warbler

Riesling Doyle Fournier Vineyard–Blue Jay

Riesling Gridley Bluff Point Vineyard–Baltimore Oriole

Not pictured:

Petillant Naturel–Hummingbird

Riesling Late Harvest Select Doyle Fournier Vineyard–Blue Jay

Blanc de Blancs Methode Traditionelle (coming soon)–Downy Woodpecker

Chardonnay 30th Anniversary Reserve (coming soon)–American Woodcock