Silver Thread leads the way with New York Sustainable Winegrowing Certification

June 28, 2023–Silver Thread is proud to be among the first vineyards to receive the New York Sustainable Winegrowing Certification. Our 10-acre estate vineyard received the third-party certification in the spring after being part of a pilot program that began in 2022. The certification encompasses environmentally-responsible vineyard practices and social practices such as living wages for employees. Sustainably managed vineyards make the best tasting wines today, and will continue to make great wine for generations to come.

Both Paul and Shannon Brock served on the steering committee to develop the program standards and communications strategy. As leaders in biointensive and regenerative agriculture, their input was highly valued to devise workable standards for all vineyards. The Silver Thread owners won the Sustainability Award from the New York Wine & Grape Foundation earlier this year, in part for their efforts to help launch the Sustainable Winegrowing Certification.

The first group of certified vineyards were named June 27, 2023. Among the vineyards are both of our grower-partners, Doyle Fournier Vineyard (Doyle Vineyard Management-Caywood) and Gridley Bluff Point Vineyard (Vineyard View Winery/Crooked Vines). All of our 2023 wines will have the Sustainable Winegrowing trustmark (pictured below) on the label. Those wines will be available for purchase in 2024.

*You can listen to an interview with Paul, Suzanne Hunt (of Hunt Country Vineyards), and Justin Jackson (NYWGF) on Connection with Evan Dawson here.*