Recent Scores

Getting wine scores is a funny thing. Sometimes – after we’ve shipped wine out to be rated – I find myself dwelling on it. Wondering what will happen, what comments we’ll get back (if any), and if the critic will even get around to tasting the wine. And then sometimes you host a writer or two, have a great time, and promptly get back to business as usual once they’ve left. Sometimes you completely forget that they were even here.

Last July, we hosted Charles Curtis, MW for a casual afternoon tasting. He stood at the bar with Shannon and Paul to go through the portfolio we had at the time. I was doing some work on the computer and just kind of eavesdropping. Curtis was complimentary about the wines. He called the 2021 Silver Thread Rieslings “very impressive,” and referred to the 2020 Blackbird as having “great complexity.” He was very kind and easy to talk to.


Fast forward six months or so…

Two customers come in, visiting the Finger Lakes from the west coast, and when we asked why they chose to come to Silver Thread, the man proceeded to tell us that he’d seen our scores from Charles Curtis in Decanter. When we asked what scores, he readily showed us his phone.

STV Riesling

2021 Riesling Estate Vyd: 94

2020 Blackbird Red: 92

They are difficult to read but it shows that our 2021 Riesling “Estate Vineyard” got a 94 and our 2020 Blackbird Red got a 92!

Regarding the Estate Riesling, Curtis wrote, “…a lively feel on the palette, a silky texture, and remarkable finesse.” And for the Blackbird: “…a lovely, forward black fruit aroma with a floral edge.” Both reviews mentioned our biointensive practices and the history of the Silver Thread site. It was a great surprise from these first-time customers!

The 2020 Blackbird has been sold out for several months, but the 2021 Riesling “Estate Vineyard” can still be purchased (at the winery only) in elegant 1.5L bottles. Our 2021 Blackbird has just been released, as well as our 2022 Riesling “Estate Vineyard.” We hope you’ll come in to try them both!