Meet Janice–Tasting Room Server Extraordinaire

0696248547007Beginning in the early ’90’s, Janice and her husband, Scott, made frequent trips to the Finger Lakes, enjoying the scenery and the wineries.  As the region’s winemaking developed, so did their tastes.  At retirement, they were able to make the long awaited move to Caywood.  During a walk with their new pup, Janice and Scott discovered that Silver Thread Vineyard had passed to the creative hands of Paul and Shannon Brock.  A tasting room position was open and provided Janice with the opportunity to become part of the industry and gain further knowledge of the fascinating world of wine.  She has been a valued Silver Thread team member since 2012, and has earned Level I and II certifications from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust. Perks of the job include enjoying the wines of Silver Thread and meeting so many interesting people as they pass through the area.