Love Poems to Riesling

A Valentine’s Treat, Composed by Our Riesling Experts

As part of our Riesling Expert II tasting series, we challenged our participants to write a love poem to Riesling.  Here are their inspired, heartfelt, and humorous verses.

My Riesling! by Vicki

The golden hues sparkle as into the waiting goblet they splash and curl.

My anticipation is heightened as the aromas of fruit and earth circle and spin.

The liquid slithers in circles around the sides of the glass, as I swirl.

I breathe in its hints of citrus and pineapple…awaiting the first sip of delight within…

Aah!  the burst of beauty upon my tongue!  My Riesling!  I taste you at last!

“Cher Riesling” By Gib & Wendy

Although you came from afar,

you took root to express your terroir

You are a work of art

Who engages my heart

Oh Riesling, never say “au revoir”

A Precious Fruit  By Dave and Diane

Riesling, Riesling, an aroma of peaches, kiwi, starfruit and lime.

The elegance of these precious grapes that hang on a vine.

Oh my goodness, we just can’t keep them chilled for very much time.

Then to the table and we’re ready to dine.  Cheers!

By Melissa

O’ Riesling,

You are my wine desire.

Your complexities make my palate sing.

Nothing brings me so much hope and glee.

That perhaps one day there will be a Riesling Expert Three!!

By Aaron

There once was a grape from the Rhine
which makes the most delectable wine
when poured in a glass
it’s nothing but class
you’ll need to open another in no time

By Pam

We savor a wonderful dry Riesling,

As it accompanies flatbread with seasoning

The Silver Thread bottle

Empties a’lottle

So we open a second each evening.

By John

The wind eased off its coldest bluster

Vines held tight all they could muster

Came then the warmth and grapes in cluster

Riesling born in passionate luster

By Beth

In this glass of Riesling lies a record of the past.

Summers ago the vines nursed nascent grapes through heat, drought, rain, sun and cloud so that fetal clusters tightly enwrapped through winter’s wrath could emerge from buds primary,secondary or, impossibly, tertiary.

Vineyardists select the wood with hope the best buds will remain and that Mother Nature will be kind to these vines

Fervently praying that the clusters survive the seasons unspoiled until the fall, delivered in boxes whole and intact until their precious cargo bursts forth and is collected.

Another winter passes slowly, patiently waiting to discover what treasures are uncovered by invisible beasts while the winemaker prays, “Please God, don’t let me screw this up.”

Thus the bottle waits until a hand rests upon it and decides it is time to coax the cork from its resting place and reveals what the vintage has to tell us,

Like counting rings in a felled tree. Time and patience and years combine in one glass that we sip, unaware of all it contains.

By John

Grapes cling tight in lustrous sheen

Dry or sweet or in between

Soon riesling in my glass is keen

to touch my lips in zeal serene

by Sue

Cupid and his arrow are on their way

With a bottle of Silver Thread Riesling to be given away

With love in the air, and some Riesling to share

Now swirl, sniff and drink with love and great care.

The Magic of Riesling   By Dave and Diane

Silver Thread, Silver Thread, a winery of unbelievable Riesling wine.

Aromas of kiwi, peaches, starfruit and lime.

Clusters of Riesling hang from their vines.

Oh so divine, you must send a bottle to your Special Valentine.  Cheers!

By Louie

Roses are red, violets are blue.  Silver Thread Riesling is the best for you!

By Geoff

In Germany Riesling is sweet,

Alsace & Austria can’t compete,

But in Lodi, Riesling is a treat

For Silver Thread just cannot be beat!

Free form by Zelda

Connected to the earth by a silver thread, the Riesling grapes grow and ripen

Carrying forward the specific soil that nurtured them

And after careful chemical magic, they become wine

Glorious in my glass, magnificent in my mouth, heavenly in my head

Haiku: by Gib & Wendy

Your blushing beauty

Captures the earth around you

I toast thee, Riesling

Ode to Silver Thread Riesling by Jess

My glass is full, light and bright

Like the sun shining over the vines

Exploring new worlds through wines

My glass is full even when it’s not

by Patty and John

Waves lapping softly, drifting aimlessly on a blistering summer afternoon the sun warming my skin.

Jack Johnson setting the mood – chilled, crisp Riesling awakens the taste buds

Aaaah! a perfect pairing indeed

By Jerry

There once was a vintner named Paul

Whose Riesling is best of them all

It arrives at our door

And when we want more

It’s Silver Thread Shannon we call

Haiku by Zelda

I love you, Riesling.

You express your place, time, earth.

I swirl, sip, swallow.

An Ode to Riesling by Kathleen

Oh Silver Thread Riesling through these trying times,

You have become my lifeline,

Connecting me to a life once known

When people connected, affections physically shown.

Oh Riesling from Silver Thread,

Some days you’re the reason I rise from bed,

To face this too long, TOO l-o-n-g isolated year,

You whisper.  Pour.  Swirl. Sip.  Let me steer.

Oh Riesling you remind that on the vine you still grow,

You know of seasons, the rain, the snows,

Sniff.  You know as you wait to become wine,

Swirl. Sip.  It just takes time.

Oh Riesling but when can I see your youthful start?

To walk through your vines, unmasked not apart?

Oh, Riesling I so desire to see your face

To visit your vineyard, to be in your place.

Oh Riesling single vineyard or blend,

You have become much more than friend,

Riesling my love, you’ve helped me to cope,

Silver Thread Riesling you are my hope!

What little grapes on the vine do you hold?

What of these seasons in years will be told?

Separation? Or my long distanced love?

You absorb the flavors from below and above.

Oh Riesling I love you more than you know

The popped corks, empty bottles do show.

Oh Riesling of you I always do think,

I try not to worry.  I just drink!

by Mike

My valentine is happy for I now know to find the best wine
My wine will come from a Riesling vine
With such from SilverThread we will have a fine time.

By Gary

The winds of love blow softly across the Riesling vines to welcome St. Valentine’s Day at Seneca Lake

This love is in the form of human desire as well as for the love of artistic expression that vintners must take

But be assured Silver Thread promotes that true love of God, grape and grafted vines

So that we may all enjoy together a splendid glass of wine

To honor our love for family and friends –during these difficult times.












By Rich

You are the gift that I was given, that I almost gave away,
You are more noble than anything that I could ever say,
But for now I can proclaim that I will always love you,
That gift, your gift, is the knowing and caring and being a part of an expert class of Riesling.

by Jimmy

There once was an STV Riesling

That was oh so pleasing

When asked if it would stand up to spicy

A question that could be dicey

The STV Riesling proved to be appeasing

By Frank

When evening comes where can we find our Riesling

Where in the finger lakes are these vines growing

Visit the Brocks

at Silver thread winery

And you will find your revelry

By Grace & Mike

Roses are Red

Blueberries are Blue

And Riesling is just for You!

By Jeanna-Mar

The sweetest things in life…

Holding the hand of the one you love,

Eating chocolate with a delightful glass of Riesling and

Watching the sun set over the water.

So grateful for all these sweet things in my life.

(Sometimes the wine and chocolate more than others, but don’t tell.)

By Debra

Oh Riesling

You’re always there when the week has been a little rough

My taste buds find you just dry enough

I love the refreshing taste

And not a drop do I ever waste

Each Vintage is Unique by Rod

From the earth your vines grow

every fall your fruits show,

Human hands gather with precision

length of fermentation solely Paul’s decision,

Into the bottle to rest for awhile

each vintage in unique there is no denial,

Summer comes stop by Silver Thread with a companion

the Finger Lakes best Riesling presented by Janice and Shannon

By Pamela

My Valentine, my Love,
I don’t want more bling,
my heart’s desire is Silver Thread Riesling.


by Mac Collins

There once was a wine grape named Riesling.

The name caused a great deal of teasing.

But after ‘tis tasted,

No wine drops are wasted,

And most drinkers now find it pleasing.