Pre-Harvest Interview with Winemaker/Co-Owner Paul Brock

September 16th, 2021 – Silver Thread Vineyard

Colin: Thanks for taking the time to chat with me, Paul! So, how is the vintage shaping up and how does it compare to past years?

Paul: So we had a lot of water this year and it has been a challenging growing season but we have also had a lot of warm weather, a lot of warm sunny weather, so I think we’re in really good shape. The canopy is in really good condition and the grapes are in really good condition, also. So, knock on wood, that we get the cool nights, warm sunny days, primarily, the next couple weeks and we’re looking good. We going to start harvesting soon, starting with Chardonnay for sparkling wine. Always excited for harvest.

Colin: Oh yeah, very excited for harvest! What are you currently working on for prep work for the grapes coming in soon?

Paul: I’m kind of in the middle of several things. So, a lot of stuff in the lab, like lots of little things needs to be cleaned up and organized so that they can actually function during harvest. Working on all of those things while the major things are also getting done. The de-stemmer is currently in pieces about be cleaned and put back together. I walked over to the sink now and got distracted but progress is being made. Washing bin, sweeping, de-clogging drains, cleaning the press, and getting everything prepped.

Colin: That’s awesome, and sounds very Zen. What projects have you recently wrapped up that you’re excited to have off your plate before harvest?

Paul: The Good Earth Field project was a huge one, from grading, to burn piles, to racking, to processing lumber, to installing drain tiles, rock picking, then ripping, then more rock picking, then plowing, and finally yesterday we seeded a cover crop in the field to tie the bow on it until the spring when we start planting vines.

Colin: Yeah, that project has been a lot to handle. What’s the beer that y’all will be drinking for harvest?

Paul: A wide variety is featured during harvest but by far the Genny Cream Ale is the house-beer-of-choice beer, and… uh, has been that way for 20 years!

Colin: How are you doing otherwise? What have you been up to?

Paul: Finished up at FLCC in August, still wrapping my head around the fact I don’t have to go anywhere every day. Starting to become more and more real. Now that the Good Earth Field is done it’s starting to set in. So far I like it so far, having more time, getting more stuff done for the winery, be here every day, being at home more, it’s great.