Help Us Decorate our New Trailer

September 8, 2014–Winemaker Paul spent a couple of weeks last month rebuilding our “carry-all” trailer.  This is a narrow trailer that can fit between the vineyard rows for collecting boxes of picked grapes during harvest.  The carry-all was in pretty rough condition when we bought Silver Thread three years ago.  We knew it wouldn’t make it through this harvest, what with shredded tires, rotting sides and grass growing in its bed.

The new trailer is pretty spiffy, especially due to its bright paint job reflecting our children’s favorite colors.  However, we’re lonesome for some of the character of the old trailer, which was decorated with 1980s bumper stickers.  Our favorites were “Freeze the Arms Race” and “I Love NY Wine.” (photo of old trailer below)


We’ve collected a few fitting stickers for the new trailer–the “FLX” eurosticker and a “Love Geneva–support local indie businesses.”

We’re hoping that some of you have some cool and appropriate stickers you’d like to add to our trailer.  If you have one you want to donate to the cause, bring it by or drop it in the mail this month.  If we decide to use it on our trailer, we’ll snap a photo and add it to our facebook page to give you credit.  Cheers!

Mail bumper stickers to:

Silver Thread Vineyard

1401 Caywood Rd.

Lodi, NY 14860