“Our guests are always treated like family.”

That’s a real quote from a real wine club member here at Silver Thread. The rest of it is, “We are always made to feel welcome when we come. Our guests are always treated like family. The tasting room downstairs is fantastic, and we love the cheese plates with the wine. The location of your winery is perfect on the lake!”

Part of being in Phenology, the Wine Club at Silver Thread, is being made to feel not just welcome, but like you’re an insider. Our club members are both familiar names AND faces! We’ve celebrated with some of our club members for years: engagements, family additions, promotions, vacation home purchases… Some of them started as visitors from out of state who – upon retirement – chose to completely relocate to the Finger Lakes region. They’re so much more than just people we ship wine to: they’re important folks we love getting to know.


“We love receiving new wines and familiar ones each quarter! We have other wines in the house but yours are our favorites.”


Phenology has a few different options. We don’t like to think of them as levels but in some ways they are. It’s not so much as how enthusiastic a Silver Thread fan you are, it’s more about meeting the needs of the many ways wine fits in to folks’ lives. For some people, they open bottles with guests only, or on special occasions. Some people drink wine with dinner every night. We know that there are Phenology club members who host their own wine tastings with friends. Some folks are newer to wine, and just discovering what they really enjoy. The various options in the Phenology Club are an effort to meet the needs of as many Silver Thread fans as possible.


VIP Club

six bottles of wine

Our VIP Club is the most popular option. VIP Club members receive six bottles of wine four times a year. They get $60 off tastings whenever they book online. The six-pack of wines chosen by Shannon for the VIP Club are usually a pretty even mix of reds and whites. (Remember: ALL clubs are fully customizable, but Shannon always makes a collection for folks who want to take her suggestion.) The average cost of a VIP wine shipment is $125 plus flat-rate shipping.


“All of your service is personal and that is an added plus. We have learned so much from you over the years.”


Riesling Club

four bottles of riesling

The Riesling Club is a great fit for people who are in a few wine clubs because you end up with just under a case and a half of wine per year: four bottles of wine four times a year. The four bottles Shannon chooses for this club will always be all Rieslings. Riesling Club members get $30 off tastings whenever they book online. Often, we include library Rieslings in these packs.


Sampler Club

Four bottles of wine on a wooden railing

The Sampler Club is an incredibly versatile club. You get four bottles twice a year. Not many wineries offer a club that ships less than a case (12 bottles) a year, so if you’re in multiple wine clubs – or you’re new to being in a wine club – the Sampler Club is an excellent fit. You get $30 off tastings when you book online.


Having a wine club made of such supportive, kind, and enthusiastic people is just one of the many things that we think makes Silver Thread special!

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