Good Earth Day will be September 9, 2017

On Saturday, September 9, 2017, Silver Thread will host the second annual Good Earth Day event.  The day will celebrate the upcoming harvest and the vibrant Finger Lakes community, which includes great food, wine, and dedicated people working together to make great things happen.  This event is open to the public, and the following activities will be offered from 12-5pm:

  • Silver Thread team members will lead grape-tasting tours through the vineyard to give people a taste of what the grapes are like before they are turned into wine.  The tasting will include Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Gewurztraminer.  Suggested donation, $5 per party, to be donated to Food For All, Lodi’s Community Food Pantry.
  • Solar Seneca, a local community-based solar energy organization, will give complimentary tours of Silver Thread’s solar panel system that provides 100% of the winery’s power needs.  Information on solar energy installations will be available.
  • Six Circles Farm, located here in Caywood, will have a farm stand to sell their organic vegetables and one-of-a-kind garlic products.
  • The Good Truck, a food truck that uses locally-sourced ingredients, will be on-site serving specialty tacos. A la carte menu.
  • Know Your Roots’  Mike and Debbie Biltonen will offer information about biological farming and medicinal/edible herbs.  Read more detail below.
  • The tasting room will offer a sale on Good Earth White Wine (one of Silver Thread’s most popular varieties).  2016 Good Earth White will be released that day.
  • All wine tasting fees will be donated to Food for All, Lodi’s Community Food Pantry, which promotes fresh and local foods.

“Come spend the afternoon at our magical location on the edge of Seneca Lake,” said Shannon Brock, Silver Thread’s Co-owner & General Manager. “We look forward to welcoming you into our neighborhood and giving back to the community at the same time.”

Harvest season is the best time to visit Finger Lakes vineyards so do not miss out on this unique event and all that it has to offer. For more information, please call 607-582-6116 or e-mail


More information about Know Your Roots

1:30pm  Explore Medicinal and Edible Herbs of Silver Thread Vineyard with Debbie Biltonen

We are surrounded everywhere by plants with wondrous and magical properties. Many are nutritious and able to soothe our ailments; others raise our spirits and connect us deeply with the world around us. Join Debbie and find out which “weeds” make delicious additions to salads, relieve the pain of a bee sting, or the itch of poison ivy and ameliorate seasonal allergies. And that’s just for starters. She’ll share her favorite herbal remedies, many that have been used for centuries and are literally right outside our front doors and she’ll then take folks on a plant walk around the farm.

3:00pm  Advancing Bio-Intensive Viticulture & Untapped Opportunities in Integrated Pest Management with Mike Biltonen

Mike will give an impromptu talk about how viticulture (the growing of wine grapes) is evolving through the use of Bio-Intensive Viticultural practices and untapped Integrated Pest Management practices. Join him as he discusses how bio-intensive viticulture is reshaping modern viticulture in light of climate change, increased biological information, and changing consumer perspectives. Meet at the Know Your Roots booth a few minutes early.