Good Earth Block Expansion!

Last month, we continued the development of our Good Earth Block by planting 1,800 Riesling and Chardonnay vines! Extensive work went into preparing the field over the past two years: we cleared piles and piles of rocks, installed drainage, and established multiple different cover crops to build up organic matter in the soil. The baby vines were purchased from a local nursery and are already one year old. It will take at least two years before we can expect a crop from the recently planted vines. Look out for vintage 2025!

The Good Earth Block Riesling and Chardonnay join over an acre of locally-adapted hybrid varieties that we planted in 2022. Those vines (NY-45, Regent, and NY-81 a.k.a. Aravelle) are thriving and we are expecting a small crop from them this year! Locally-adapted hybrids are more resilient in our unpredictable and challenging climate. They are more disease-resistant and cold-hardy than European vitis vinifera grape varieties. We are farming the Good Earth Block 100% organically.

  Baby vines

If you visit Silver Thread this year, look for the bright blue and green grow tubes marking (and protecting) the new vines.