Edible Finger Lakes Interview with Paul Brock

October 25th, 2021–Silver Thread’s Winemaker story is featured in the fall edition of edible Finger Lakes magazine. Read full article here.

Meet Your (Wine) Maker: Paul Brock of Silver Thread Vineyards

This month we throw a spotlight on Paul Brock, the co-owner and winemaker for Silver Thread Vineyard in Lodi. With a significant background in wine and wine education, Paul and his wife Shannon purchased the winery in 2011 and have focused their portfolio on terroir-driven wines that accentuate the styles that can be made best in the Finger Lakes. Their Rieslings are known for having a perfect balance of acidity, sweetness and body while their red blends like the Blackbird and Good Earth offer rich flavors of dark berries, pepper and earthiness. We hope you enjoy reading Paul’s answers to our questions and tasting Silver Thread wines for yourself.

What do you find most challenging about making wine here?

Growing grapes. Our weather is so variable, we have to be able to adapt to each season to produce a crop that can be the starting point for the wine. Climate change is becoming more evident. We’ve had the hottest year, wettest year, cloudiest year, driest year, and most humid ripening season in the past 5 years! As we continue to meet these and more new and unforeseen challenges in the vineyard, the winemaking will fall into place as needed for each season.

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