Greenmarket Missionaries

December 6, 2011–Silver Thread began participating in some New York City greenmarkets (a.k.a. farmers’ markets) last month.  Since we are an estate winery, i.e. a winery that grows its own grapes, our wine is eligible to be sold at markets.  It’s an ideal way to showcase our wine as a food product– in its rightful place alongside fruits, vegetables, grass-fed meats and artisan cheeses.  And it gives us the chance to have a second “tasting room”–in New York City!

So far, we’ve set up our farm stand in bustling Union Square, a block from the historic Apollo Theater in Harlem, and in quiet residential areas of the upper East and West sides.  We’ve met wine aficionados who have heard of the Finger Lakes but never had the chance to try our wines.  We’ve met people from upstate who have lived in the city for many years and are excited to have a taste of home.  But most of all, we’ve met hundreds of people who had no idea we even make wine in the Finger Lakes (or where the Finger Lakes is).  It’s been very humbling, but also very exciting when they discover a new favorite wine.

After several weeks of trial and error, we have selected a couple of permanent market stands that we plan to occupy year-round.  Manhattanites can find us each Friday at the 97th St. Market (between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues) and each Saturday at the 82nd Street St. Stephen’s Market (between 1st and York Avenues).  Stay tuned for more updates on our New York City “tasting room!”

  1. Kathleen Salvato December 8, 2011 at 11:27 pm

    How pleasing to receive your missives. We had the extreme pleasure of sampling several of your wine recently. Our personal favorite was the 2010 Blackbird. Delicious ……

    Even though the younger lady pictured in your ‘Market’ info cannot yet sample your wares, even being in proximity makes her feel like a Princess! Continued sucess in your endeavors.

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