Discover Dry Rose…a Collaboration among FLX Wineries

April 13, 2018–  It seems a long time ago that a small group of Finger Lakes producers came together to begin promoting Dry Rose.  Over five years ago when the Discover Dry Rose campaign began, there were only about a dozen wineries (including Silver Thread) making the style–a youthful, bone dry, pink wine made from red grapes.

A Bit of History

All of the producers found it challenging to dispel the myth that pink wine is sweet (a la White Zinfandel or Pink Catawba).  We came up with the idea of aggressive tasting room marketing–offering complimentary samples of Dry Rose as soon as people walked in the door.  Better yet, several wineries threw in a pairing to show the wine’s great versatility with food.

Fast forward five years, and the ranks of Dry Rose producers has more than tripled to nearly 40.  While there are still some consumers unfamiliar with or dubious about the style, their ranks have shrunk.  Discover Dry Rose member wineries report people coming out specifically for the new release of the Rose wines.  People plan out a route and make a day out of sampling the fresh-off-the-botting-line offerings.

A Perfect Pairing

Silver Thread is proud to collaborate with our esteemed neighbors to celebrate the release of 2017 Dry Rose.  During April, we are offering a complimentary sample of our Dry Rose of Pinot Noir paired with Muranda Dilly Girl Cheese (a local dill and garlic cheddar).  It’s a perfect “opposites attract” pairing–the refreshing and fruity character of the wine cutting through the creamy, garlicky, herbal character of the cheese.




Plan your Visit

We hope you will make a trip through the Finger Lakes this month to experience Discover Dry Rose.  Our group’s web site has a listing and map of participating wineries.  Also, you can like Discover Dry Rose on facebook to see what particular specials and pairings are happening at member wineries, local wine shops and restaurants.

Can’t make it during April?  Most wineries will have Dry Rose in stock through the summer months.  But don’t wait too long–the growing popularity of these wines means that many wineries (including ours) sell out quickly.