Group Reservations

Thanks for your interest in bringing your group to Silver Thread!   Reservations are required for groups of 8 or more, and for all large livery vehicles (such as limos).

Our team strives to provide a premium, educational wine tasting experience.  We want to ensure a memorable and positive visit for groups and off-the-street customers alike.  Before contacting us for a reservation, please read the following:

Road Access and Parking are Limited. Our tasting room is located ¾ mile down a privately-maintained, one-lane gravel road.  The parking lot is designed to accommodate cars and has limited turn-around space.  Large vehicles such as stretch limousines, limo-buses, coach buses, executive limousines, RV’s, trailers etc. are too large for the road and parking lot and can almost never be accommodated.

 We are a very small winery. Our regular tasting bar can fit up to 14 people at a time for tasting.  We also have a VIP Wine Cellar Tasting Room that can accomodate up to 14 people for a seated tasting experience.  If your group is larger than 14, it is highly unlikely that we can host you.

 Saturday Afternoons are Congested. Saturday afternoon is our busiest time of the week for off-the-street customers, so we almost never book groups of 8 or more on Saturday afternoon.  The best time for us to accommodate a group is Saturday between 10am and Noon, or on another day of the week.  Our Vineyard & Winery Tour with Private Tasting, offered Saturdays at 11am, makes a very nice group experience for up to 14 people.  Click on the link to read more or book that experience.


Thank you for understanding our space limitations and hospitality standards.  If your group reservation request does not conflict with the above conditions, please contact us at (607) 582-6116 or to request an appointment for your group of 8 of more.